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Buzau County

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Located in the south-east of Romania, Buzau County is enjoying a diverse and picturesque landscape, with sun burned plains to the east and wild mountains to the west. Buzau's fame comes from its wine and vineyards. Most of the county consists of hills with a sandy ground, a landscape that proved perfect for the growth of grapes and made the vineyards here famous all over Romania and even abroad. Buzau's wines won many awards at international wine competitions. Apart from the vineyards, there are also many rupestrian churches and monasteries in the area and some interesting natural phenomena such as the "mud volcanoes" and the "living fires". Continuing higher into the Vrancea and Buzau mountains one can enjoy some great hiking.

The county capital, Buzau City, was first mentioned in an official document in 1431, which stated that salesmen from Brasov were free to trade in several Wallachian towns. In the beginning Buzau City was a market town, laying at the junction of important trade routes linking Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania. One reason to visit Buzau City would be to see the traditional fair called "Dragaica", which was first mentioned in the 1400's and is still being held today during summer on the last Sunday in June. The fair marks the once widespread custom of celebrating the moment when the wheat becomes ripe for harvest. Young girls sing and dance through the fields wearing crowns of flowers. Nowadays Buzau is an industrial and heavily modernized city but it still contains some interesting buildings like the town hall and the streets around the station and the market.

Only two hours distance by car from Bucharest, Buzau county is not on the classical tourist route although the area has beautiful landscapes and many things to see. For this reason tourism is not very well developed and sometimes it may be hard to get around. However, that also means that the county conserved its natural state. People visiting Buzau can enjoy unspoiled rustic places, traditional food, activities and way of living.

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